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Letters from some of our scholarship recipients



Dear Women in the Arts,

Dance is my passion and I've wanted to be able to compete for a long time.  Your scholarship money last year helped me do that and I loved being in the competitions.

I'm working hard to become a better dancer and I make new friends at every competition! 


Thank you so much,



Dear Women in the Arts,

You have given me a fantastic opportunity to continue my dream of becoming a ballet dancer. Part of my dream is to share my knowledge with those less fortunate. I have already started to make my dream come true. Our studio offers a class for children with special needs, and I have been honored to help a very sweet little girl learn the dancing I so love. I will never forget you or your organization for giving me the scholarship which without it my parents would of had a hard time affording my classes.

 Thank you so very much. Love, Marissa.



 After being diagnosed with Selective Mutism, Sarah and Samantha have shown improvement in response to their diagnosis. Dance has allowed them to express their feelings without having to talk. They have improved in that they now look at people, instead of turning their head. The teachers play a game, which helps them to talk. Part of the therapy was making a game in class and the children forget their fear and talk. Their ballet teacher Diane has done this with good results.

Sarah and Samantha thoughts on dance: Sarah says that dance makes her happy, Samantha says that dance is fun.

We would like to thank Central Florida Ballet and Women in the Arts for allowing our twin daughter’s a wonderful life in the world of dance. With your help and donations, their learning experience was allowed to continue. Thank you with all our hearts.

Lori and John